Ghavam Group

The founders of Ghavam Group with more than half a century of experience have performed activities such as investment plan consultation for construction industry and also membership in the board of directors of malls.
Ghavam Group is the trade name of the first consultation company in the field of strategic specialized services to investors of the malls and brand development in Iran.
Ghavam Group believes that investment in trade centers and retailing jobs interact with each other so that the main goals and factors affecting their performance can be determined based on strategic management model by understanding their related needs and demands.
The main goal is to determine successful launch strategy for the malls by promoting and keeping business prosperity of the commercial units.
Target communities of Ghavam Group: .

  1. Shareholders of malls.
  2. Project management companies & architectural engineering companies.
  3. Board of directors of malls.
  4. Chain retailing businessmen and shareholders of malls.
  5. Marketing companies.
  6. Financing companies / banks.

Strategic management model of Ghavam Group answers how to overcome these challenges.
Mission of Ghavam Group is to use the modern common methods and to adapt and localize the effective success factors of suitable investment context.
It is clear that final goal is to achieve long-term, competitive, critical and comprehensive decisions. Stable business prosperity in major investment project for the malls and investors of the retailing and chain jobs is a vision for our customers to imagine.
For this reason, profitability of investment by directing toward business prosperity with strategic management techniques leads to value added and optimization of return on investment.

12 principles of Ghavam Group

  • Awareness with value of strategic management model
  • Awareness with phenomenon of globalization and localization
  • Awareness with creation of pioneer management structure
  • Awareness with marketing and advertisement sciences and techniques
  • Awareness with competitive advantage
  • Awareness with creation of loyal customers
  • Awareness with collection of powerful guild union
  • Awareness with application of ethical values
  • Awareness with protection of role model position
  • Awareness with promotion of business and trade