Malls investment projects

Investment project strategic management of malls

Formulation of investment project of the malls with strategic management model is the art and science of multilateral decision which helps investors achieve long-term goals.
Considering that the main core of investment in pure malls or those combined with hotel, administrative, recreational and sport sections is their trade section, importance of interaction of different uses in these complexes is an inevitable need in agenda of the investors.
Profitability with probability of return on investment is achieved more in the malls section. To this end, our services with strategic management models presents investment project of this contraction industry.
This important factor makes possible economic feasibility of the malls with competitive advantages in an urban region or even in adjacency to each other.

Ghavam Group's Strategic management model is executed in three phases:

  1. Environmental consultation
    • The first phase for specialized marketing strategic planning includes internal and external factors of the malls. The internal factors include strength weakness (SW), opportunity and threat (OT).
    • The second phase for planning of specialized marketing strategy is the specialized analysis of marketing information received from (SWOT).
  2. Formulation of investment strategy:
    • Mission
    • Goals
    • Interconnected and dependent strategies of project include design of the plan for the first phase of architecture, advertisement and sale or renting of trade units, project commissioning management.
    • Policies for performing strategy

  • Execution of design strategy (preparation of phase 1 architectural plans) with cooperation of the architectural consulting companies.
  • Execution of sale strategy (commissioning of sale engineering system) with cooperation and introduction of the contracting companies and sale managers.
  • Execution of marketing and advertisement strategies (formulation of campaign plan, sale advertisement, opening ceremony advertisement, project business prosperity advertisement) with cooperation of marketing and advertisement companies..
  • Execution of project commissioning strategies (commissioning of operation management system of the malls) with cooperation and introduction of the operating companies.

This phase includes study of potential internal and external changes of market and their potential outcomes on mission, goals, strategies and executive policies. Potential deviations are identified and removed.