Branch expansion investment projects

Investment strategic management of development of jobs branches

The beating heart of malls includes the businessmen and chain retailing for which branches development strategy and their specialized promotion are done based on trade ranking.
The main mission of Ghavam Group is to select the target regions for the first branch and prioritize target regions for identification of customers of target society of brands in different guilds and Ghavam Group with its strategic management model formulates investment project for development of jobs branches in different brands.

Strategic management model of Ghavam Group in investment project for development of jobs branches is executed by Ghavam Group in three phases as follows:

  1. Environmental consultation :
    • The first phase for specialized marketing strategic planning includes internal and external factors of brands. The internal factors include strength weakness (SW), opportunity and threat (OT).
    • The second phase for planning of specialized marketing strategy is the specialized analysis of marketing information received from (SWOT).
  2. Formulation of investment strategy:
    • Mission
    • Goals
    • Interconnected and dependent strategies of retailing development include selection of location of branches, conditions for grant of agency and franchising and branding.
    • Policies for performing strategy.

Execution of project commissioning strategies (commissioning of operation management system of brands) with cooperation and introduction of the operating companies.

This phase includes study of potential internal and external changes of market and their potential outcomes on mission, goals, strategies and executive policies. Potential deviations are identified and removed.